What makes my culture special

I am so sorry for not blogging for so long but I hope you can forgive me. My religion is Islam. Every day I say to myself, wow! I have such an amazing religion! You see my religion consists of one main thing, if you always have faith you will never go astray. I say that’s a really good morel. My whole life I learn so much about other religions that I really didn’t have time fore my own. But faith, belief and god are the 3 main things you need in life. Comment guys

The S.P.C.A

The SPCA here in kokstad needs lots and lots of help so guys if you could do some fundraising for a SPCA near you I would be very proud. Don’t forget to comment.


My first dish

This is my first dish. Trust me the first time I put the oil into my pan. I seriously didn’t know what I was doing.but tasted good! And it’s quick,easy and simple.


This is the recipie
You need:
A pan
Cooking oil
What you need to do:
Put the pan on
Add the oil
Defrost your steak
Cut it up into strips
Add the steak into the hot pan
Cook the steak

The salad:
Chop cucumber,tomatoes,onion
Add salt and pepper
Add steak
Serve in a bowl or plate.

And that’s how you make a steak salad my way.